Kusuriya no Hitorigoto

Vol: 4+; Ch: 24+
2017 - ?
4.597 out of 5 from 369 votes
Rank #27
Kusuriya no Hitorigoto

In the imperial court, a young woman is put into servitude, Maomao. The tale is just beginning for the woman doctor/pharmacist from the red-light district, as rumors circulate about the emperor's children's lives being short-lived. Her curious nature and thirst for knowledge pushes her to action. To satisfy her curiosity, this young doctor/pharmacist will investigate the origin! What is shifting in the imperial court..!?

Source: MU

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Kakuji Jan 20, 2019
Score 9/10

 Maomao , a little cutie(but also peculiar) girl who wants to learn as much as possible about the benefits of herbs. It was almost inevitable that Jinshi, the playboy of the court, to notice this tomboy. She is too preoccupied with studying but this eunuch starts helping her, which might "catalyse" something inside her.  Well, Maomao has all my respect for her lucid and rational way of... read more

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