Kurui Naku no wa Boku no Ban

Alt title: Denial of Problems is My Middle Name

Vol: 1; Ch: 7
3.938 out of 5 from 416 votes
Rank #5,545
Kurui Naku no wa Boku no Ban

Keisuke Takaba is an Alpha who has just transferred to a new job serving under the cunning sales director, Miyabi Karasuma. Takaba is disturbed to learn that Karasuma brazenly uses the discrimination he faces as an Omega to his advantage by using sex to climb the corporate ladder, while his helpless Beta subordinate Utou cares for him when the strain on his body becomes too much. Describing his first experience walking in on one of his new boss's orgies as "a portrait of hell", Takaba despises watching the man let himself be used in such a degrading manner. But when Karasuma begins making advances toward him, Takaba finds both his body and his heart reacting to the erotic man, respecting his strength and tenacity in spite of his loose morals. As his desire to make Karasuma his and his alone grows stronger, Takaba finds his resolve slowly weakening... How long before his determination to keep his superior at a professional distance fails utterly?

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