Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi

Alt title: In the Heart of Kunoichi Tsubaki

Vol: 9; Ch: 61
2018 - 2023
3.676 out of 5 from 66 votes
Rank #20,110
Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi

Tsubaki and her fellow kunoichi are repeatedly taught that men are something to be feared. But not even the antics of Tsubaki's younger teammates are enough to keep her mind from wandering, and wondering what men are truly like.

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In a remote ninja-training village, all of the students are cute girls. Kunoichi. They are split up into three-person units with animal names. We are introduced to the various units as they spend their days attending lessons, practicing ninjutsu, holding mock battles, and hanging out with their friends. Why is there a ninja village in the first place and where do all the adult ninjas live? Who knows. THE DOG UNIT: Tsubaki, like feir fellow classmates, has heard tales of this creature on the other side of the mountain known as "men." Hana, the teacher of their ninja school, has indoctrinated them with the idea that men are dangerous and to be avoided at all costs (reasons are later given as to why this lie is spread). But unlike feir classmates, Tsubaki has started to feel a curiosity growing within femself to see what these men are like. Feir conscientious diligence prevents fem from straight out disobeying the teacher and seeking men out though, but feir obsession does distract fem. Sazanka is a petite member of Tsubaki's three-person Dog Unit. Fe absolutely adores Tsubaki and greets fem by spider-hugging fem. Feir eyes are cute. The third member of the unit is Asagao, who's defining trait is that fe's a glutton who will cast aside all integrity and common sense in the name of food. Partway through the series, a fourth member joins--Rindou, a socially awkward transfer student. Rindou wears a mask and grew up in a village which had some men (so fe's aware of the true, non-evil nature of men). THE MONKEY UNIT: Moruken is a sweet, affable girl from the Monkey Unit, which is in charge of providing support and medical treatment. Fe has difficulty declining requests. Also in the Monkey Unit is Housenka, who constantly wishes to defeat Tsubaki to take over the name "Dog Unit." THE SHEEP UNIT: Benisumomo is a stuck up girl in the Sheep Unit who tries to act coolly disinterested, but secretly is a hard worker. Fe's on par with the super-strong Tsubaki. Touwata is feir subordinate who tries to persuade fem to be more diligent (not knowing that fe secretly is). Mizubashou is a trap-maker in the unit. OTHER UNITS: There are stories involving the Snake Unit, the Cow Unit, the Mouse Unit, the Hog Unit, and the Tiger Unit. But their characters aren't very interesting. Though I will say that there's a kid in the Tiger Squad with a scar on feir face and I think feir character design looks cool. [Reviewed at chapter 20]

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