Kukkorose no Himekishi to nari, Yuri Shoukan de Hataraku koto ni Narimashita.

Vol: 3+; Ch: 22+
2020 - ?
3.588 out of 5 from 34 votes
Rank #21,705
Kukkorose no Himekishi to nari, Yuri Shoukan de Hataraku koto ni Narimashita.

Naruse Soushi is a 38-year-old political secretary. One day, he is caught in a car accident, and his vehicle is swept to the bottom of the sea - with himself in it. At the same time, in a completely different world, a princess named Reina is caught after her kingdom is taken over by another country. Her retainer, with no other options left, decides to save her soul by taking it out of her body. Searching for another soul to replace it, she chooses Naruse’s. And so Naruse - now in princess Reina’s body - is taken prisoner and sold to a lesbian brothel. Taking up the name Lillion, our protagonist decides to embrace being a prostitute and rise through the ranks, to both attain a more comfortable experience as well as figure out the mystery behind Reina’s past.

Source: MU

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As main character man by name Soushi Naruse is dying in car accident his soul is transported into body of knight princess Reina. This isn’t entirely accidental. It’s done by princess’s loyal magician in order to save her pure soul as she would rather die than beg for mercy from rebelling forces, which just overtaken capital city. Soushi does beg for his life as he is just put into Reina’s body in the moment enemy soldiers want to burn her alive. Rebel leaders do spare princess, but to humiliate her she is put into lesbian brothel as newbie with no status. Soushi used to be secretary for a politician therefore he is used to be someone’s b*tch. On more serious note, he has advantage in experience as someone who has to negotiate and deal with people. Now he aims for top rank in order to get with influential people and find out what exactly transpired in this world, before he was put in it. Obviously, this is very explicit erotic yuri fantasy isekai. It does downplay the whole prostitution element. Putting that aside it works somewhat on power of friendship as the mc builds close relations with other females inside and outside the brothel. It does include magical powers for the characters related to something sexual. Some of the characters are non-human. Visually the series looks quite good enough. It isn’t the best in the erotic category, but has good enough art to get passing grade. It does include some tentacle and slime moments as one would expect. Overall, solid explicit yuri isekai with a story. The story has kind of shounen feel to it, but it makes thing more interesting just random series of sexual encounters. This review is written after reading 3 volumes (all existing). Japanese difficulty 5/10 (see my profile for details about various difficulty scores) It’s typical no furigana adult series. Text density is mostly average and fonts don’t do anything crazy. Vocabulary is typical fantasy isekai, but it does include some made up ranks and terminology.

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