Kukkoro Knight ☆ Seinaru Kishi wa Kuroki Yoroi wo Mi ni Matou

Alt title: Kukkoro Knight ☆ The Holy Knight Wears Black Armor

Ch: 12
3.959 out of 5 from 40 votes
Rank #5,155
Kukkoro Knight ☆ Seinaru Kishi wa Kuroki Yoroi wo Mi ni Matou

"Kill! Kill me! I’d rather die than receive such humiliation!” Humans have been at war with demons for centuries. On the battlefield, the Holy Knight Raguel, defeated by the Demon King, sacrificed himself in order to allow his companions to escape. After one last attack, he wakes up imprisoned in the demon castle's dungeon, restrained and unable to escape. When the Demon King enters his cell, Raguel prepares himself and is ready to endure the torture that will surely take place, but then the Demon King takes of their armour and reveals themselves as a woman… By the hand of the Demon King, the pure Holy Knight is forced to recognize just how powerless, how helpless he truely is, trembling with shame, crying out with a noble spirit.

Source: MU

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