Koukyuu Kinkaden

Vol: 3; Ch: 15
2019 - 2020
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Koukyuu Kinkaden

When she was a baby, a fortune teller foretold that Yin Cuidie would bear a son who would become the emperor. And so Yin Cuidie received training from a young age to enter the Imperial Court. Cuidie had her sights set upon entering the Emperor’s harem, but found herself married to the Emperor’s younger half-brother, Gao Bingxi, instead. The Prince of Lüshou, Gao Bingxi, is the black sheep of the Imperial Court. Yin Cuidie and her family were dismayed at her unlucky fate! Gao Bingxi had to travel far away shortly after his nuptials and Cuidie’s parents advised her to use the opportunity to seduce the Emperor and enter his harem instead. Gao Bingxi returned and learned of this plot. Even though he loved Cuidie, he challenged her to a wager- that if she could find herself in the Emperor’s bedchamber in six months, he would divorce her so that she can pursue her dreams. Will Cuidie achieve her goals? Or will Bingxi convince Cuidie to fall in love with him instead?

Source: MU

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