Korisu Ballet

Alt title: Squirrel Ballet

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Korisu Ballet

A girl who, despite her boyish appearance, is secretly in love with ballet dancing...

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...the story goes on from there, but that was the moment that I knew the story had actually created an interesting point of tension. In contrast, Korisu Ballet didn’t have any sort of singular moment where I realized it was good. Instead, it just pleasantly washed over me from the very beginning, creating an enjoyable atmosphere and then simply maintaining it. The story deals with Yuki’s insecurities about being tomboyish and how fe wishes fe was more feminine, with this theme grappled with primarily in relation to feir interest in ballet and feir clothes. Hana is the dainty, most feminine girl in class. Seeing Hana doing ballet practice, Yuki becomes fascinated and wishes fe could join in as well. I liked the way that this manga showed how Yuki felt inadequate and how Hana’s encouragement helped fem conquer this self-doubt. I also very much appreciated that the encouragement wasn’t some empty bullshit like “you can do it,” but instead pointed out specific reasons why Yuki might be well suited to ballet: fe is already athletic from playing soccer with the boys and fe already has a sense of rhythm from being in the drum corps. I might’ve liked seeing Hana’s dieting, and the body image issues that probably underlie that, addressed a little more, but I realize that this particular story was mostly focused on Yuki. The curved connective tissue between the fingers is too emphasized, which is a long way of saying that the hands aren’t drawn very well. I think Hana looks very cute and the ballet poses are drawn very well. I also think the circular flashback panel has a cute, scrapbook-like design. * * * I think I’m gonna stop my challenge to see how many oneshots I can review in a single day a bit early. There are still about four more hours left before midnight, but I’ve already been slugging away at this project for a good fifteen hours and am beat.

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