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Alt title: This Is a Love Story

Kore wa Koi no Hanashi
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May 17, 2017

I loved this manga so much, I finished it within a matter of hours as I could not stop reading. This is a spoiler-free review.


The concept of the story is sure to put off a lot of people since there is a huge age gap that is seen from the beginning between a 10-year old girl and a 30-year old man. I highly suggest you give this story a chance as the progression allows for some personal growth and self-exploration. Despite this age gap, Shinichi is never inappropriate to this child, in fact, he learns to love her in many ways as she grows. I personally felt the story was well executed and left out any creepiness that would potentially been associated with this topic.

In summary, the manga was so well done that you will find yourself cheering for the main couple from the start. By the same token, because time is needed for Haruka to grow in order for this relationship to work, the manga is a bit slow as it spans across several years and does not provide any real fluff for this same reason. The ending was not as good as I would have liked it but the last chapter (more like an epilogue) was rather sweet.


I liked the art a lot. I know it’s not unique but it was well done in my opinion. Considering I am no art expert I have no complaints in this area.


The main characters are Haruka and Shinichi. Haruka’s family is quite a mess so she is alone most of the time. In her loneliness, she grows close to Shinichi, a writer who is rather cranky and has no particular goals other than those of his work.

The story actually has several other characters whose stories add to the main plot. I particularly enjoyed Shinichi’s friends from high school who are always present to spice things up. On the other hand, Haruka has two other friends of her own who are consistent to the plot and we also see grow. Their interactions are a bit complex as the grow but very fun to watch.


This manga is definitely about love and love is explored in many ways. Despite the age gap between the main characters, the story flows smoothly and allows for the characters to discover their feelings and develop them at the right time. In my opinion, this story is beautiful and powerful. If you like a good romantic story with coming of age themes and you are not bothered by age gaps, this is a good manga to read. Keep in mind the story is really not sexual so none of that creepy stuff is there. The pace is a bit slow considering it spans for several years but is just adds to the well-developed plot. The manga is also full of interesting and fun characters with plenty of fun and sweet moments alike. A must read in my opinion!

10/10 story
9/10 art
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Oct 26, 2015

The story itself is a bit like the feeling of wanting to pull your hair out because you just want the characters to get it on already, but in this case I feel it's necessary because of thr age gap and Haruka having to mature along the way. I like the story well enough and the art is okay.

7/10 story
7/10 art
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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