Kon no Ki Konoha

Alt title: Leaves of the Deep Blue Tree

One Shot
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Kon no Ki Konoha

One autumn day during her childhood, Akino wandered into a mountain forest and stumbled upon a strange blue tree. While examining the tree, she meets and a boy with deep blue hair named Konoha and immediately enamoured with her new acquaintance, the girl begins to visit him. However, Konoha is in fact a spirit who lives in the tree, but can only venture outside during the season of autumn. Across the years, Akino continues to visit Konoha, but can a romance between a human and a spirit, really last?

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AngelBeatsYui's avatar
AngelBeatsYui Feb 13, 2015
Score 4.5/10

Warning this Review probably will contain spoilers:
So another one of my amazing reviews this time for another one shot, again for the February Monthly Marathon 2015. I would advice that you check it out on the forum, it is great fun. Anyway back to the review, so this is for a supernatural romance one shot known as Kon no Ki Konoha. This time we are following the characters of Akino and... read more

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chii May 7, 2014
Score 6/10

This one shot is pretty average but it'll leave you feeling happy even though it is kinda sad. A blue tree is an interesting thing especially to a young girl and especially if that tree has a cute boy spirit living in it. I really wish this one shot was done in colour honestly because I think it would have done the blue tree justice. But instead we have to use our imagination which just doesn't work as well as... read more



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