Kokumin Quiz

Alt title: National Quiz

Vol: 4; Ch: 44
1993 - 1995
3.747 out of 5 from 66 votes
Rank #16,204
Kokumin Quiz

Japan, the most powerful country on Earth, is ruled by a system described as the evolution of capitalism: the National Quiz! This bombastic game show airs each night, and thousands of citizens from around the country eagerly wish to participate. Those who win have a single wish granted by the Japanese government, from a cure for leukemia to even the capture of the Loch Ness Monster, while losers are branded as war criminals and severely punished. However, while many dream of playing the National Quiz, not everybody is happy with this institutionalized free-for-all. The Hardcore Sect of the United Anti-National Quiz Front is armed and furious at the Quiz’s questionable ethics, and will do anything in their power to take out its flamboyant host, K-i K-ichi!

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Story This manga is definately a weird one, it's an over the top idea in which Japan became the super power after the war and with that a new form of government was born, 'The National Quiz' in which people stake their lives for the sake of their dreams no matter how crazy; from the obvious riches, power and women to the more bizarre wanting to kill a neighbor or even finding a lost dog. On the other hand if they lose, whch is highly likely, they become war criminals and must serve out harsh sentances. Overall it reads like an abstract and exaggerated insight into human greed and media manipulation with the story unfolding around an ex contestant and current war criminal forced to host the show in order to work off his sentance. I found that the story was interesting enough to keep me going but I think the ending did let it down a little. Art The most intiguing part of the manga for me was the art, I really enjoyed the way the artist drew his characters, especially the main Character Ki-Ichi, for some reason the over the top expressions and ocassionally weird imagery entertained me even more than the the story itself. Characters The Characters in the manga were ok but only a few characters really seem memorable to me, and in fact some characters seemed needless, that said I enjoyed the main chracter for some reason, he is both lovable and deplorable, in a weird limbo of being neither a good or a bad person and letting his popularity go to his head, despite technically being a prisoner of the national quiz Conclusion Overall I don't feel like this manga was a waste of time, but I do think it felt a bit rushed and had a bit of an anti-climactic end, if you fancy reading something reletively short, at times a bit wacky but with a dark undertone in its view of humanity then I would reccomend reading this, however I doubt I would read it again

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