Kokou no Hito

Alt title: The Climber

Vol: 17; Ch: 170
2007 - 2011
4.258 out of 5 from 835 votes
Rank #535
Kokou no Hito

Mori Buntaro transfers to Yokosuka North High School and wants nothing more than to be alone, even going so far as to ignore his teachers and brazenly skip class. But when Hajime Miyamoto challenges him to climb the school building as a form of hazing, Mori feels alive for the first time in years. Awakened to the thrill of rock climbing, he pursues his goal to reach to the sky, but can he learn to work in tandem with others, or will he be forever seeking the heights alone?

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Personally as a rock climber, the first part of the story made me cringe as our protagonist makes every prodigious climber look like a pus$y during his first attempts at the sport.  But when Buntarou begins to direct himself to mountain climbing, then the story takes a diferent path showing were the author had focused his efforts. This story his based on the real Kato Buntarou from the early 1900's even thought it takes place in the 2000´s. The art sometimes became a bit strange, however the author really does a excellent job in giving life to Super detailed canvas and landscapes, the facial expressions are quite simple but taking into account our MC is a S-class introvert that is to be expected. About the characters, most of them are quite one-tracked, some of them we see some evolution but in most of them they are there for the sake of exploiting something. Our Mc gets quite a bit of evolution even thought most of it is drowned by his love for the mountains. Some of them looked like they could offer quite a bit but the author decided to don´t get out of track, for example there is one super Free Solo climber that appears in the first arc offering to partner with the MC, but goes all drama queen when the MC touches his arm and jumps of the roof only to be seen again f*cking some snow at the end. The story was wondrous specially in the way it depicts the difficulties a Introvert goes trought life and also the way it showed how savage and unmercyfull the world in mountains can be. However the begining gets way too OP for high schoolers, and as the story goes forward it only focused in the need for the mountains of the MC and since words weren´t his forte we can only get an image of it. it does his job but could have been better worked.  As well as giving more show time to the secondary characters, taking out the ones in the first arc all of the following were complrtly discarded almost without any exploration and in many cases leaving way too many loose ends. Conclusion: IT is a magnific read about a lot of different things ( Suicide, maturing, adulting, job market, personal strugles) and not just the sport of mountain climbing, it really left an impression on me even thought it could have been better in a lot os aspects.

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