Kokou no Hito

Alt title: The Climber

Vol: 17; Ch: 170
2007 - 2012
4.431 out of 5 from 346 votes
Rank #457
Kokou no Hito

Mori Buntaro transfers to Yokosuka North High School and wants nothing more than to be alone, even going so far as to ignore his teachers and brazenly skip class. But when Hajime Miyamoto challenges him to climb the school building as a form of hazing, Mori feels alive for the first time in years. Awakened to the thrill of rock climbing, he pursues his goal to reach to the sky, but can he learn to work in tandem with others, or will he be forever seeking the heights alone?

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069JLU's avatar
069JLU May 15, 2011
Score 9.5/10

Wonderful storyline. It has a reality factor to it that I just love, none of it seems fake and you end up rooting for the main character anyways. A truly moving series, it goes up there with Slam Dunk and Prince of Tennis. read more

harshrox2's avatar
harshrox2 Mar 22, 2014
Score 9.8/10

ultimate surival manga though story at mid sucks but as we reach near end manga turns out to be an epic with so less words the story depiction from drawings illustrates the liveliness of the seen some seens are so moving it makes you wonder the challanges and life of a climber and lso the geniusses of the author buntaro temprament his instincts , everthing flows out and is depicted so naturally taht nothing... read more



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