Koisuru Nante Kiitenai

Vol: 1; Ch: 3
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Koisuru Nante Kiitenai

Kanna is an office lady who is at a critical point in her career. For some reason, she is assigned to receive training from the dull and plain Haruki...?

Source: MU

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This feels vaguely misogynistic. The "critical point in [feir] career" that the synopsis references is the transition away from being the workplace's "cute and obedient female employee" because someone else is taking that vi~tal role (<--sarcasm) and the dread of potentially becoming an "alpha female," an unnecessarily sexed term for a controlling asshole. The romance also felt like it was just tacked on. It was almost entirely based on Matsumoto feeling giddy at being praised for feir competence, which isn't something one would naturally assume would lead to romantic sparks (or else performance reviews would be a hotbed for swooning). The way that the guy, Noda, treats fem comes across as a bit condescending in some instances, like when fe physically covers Matsumoto's mouth with feir palm to silence fem. I also got pretty annoyed at the whole feeling-apathetic-about work vs. enjoying-work aspect to the story, and the messaging specifically. You see, Noda starts out apathetic about work--contrasted with Matsumoto, who finds ways to have fun in all of feir tasks--but then fe begins transitioning into someone who likewise has fun in the meniality. And the implication of this is that work should be fun, that it should be enjoyed. But there's nothing wrong with simply working to pay the bills and doing what is expected of you, without getting emotionally invested. And you can enjoy the company of your coworkers without having to also find pleasure in the work itself. Though, of course, there's nothing wrong with finding work fun, but it should in no way be the expectation (where you feel you're somehow failing if you're not having fun).

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