Koguresou Monogatari

Vol: 1; Ch: 7
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Koguresou Monogatari

Kogure-sou is a crumbling old apartment building of just six rooms where four people live. On the first floor are the owner, a very old man who wants to have sex before he dies, and a girl in university who pines in a sad and complicated love. On the second floor are a salary man who finds meaning to his life in spying on the university girl below him, and Mayu whose boyfriend disappeared three years ago. Also involved are the florist from the nearby shop who worries over her husband's infidelity and Mine who is still troubled by a crime committed a long time ago. What all of them strive for is love, but they all find nothing but pain and bitter disappointments. Do they realize that what heals them is actually the run-down little apartment building and the real human warmth that they share with each other?

Source: MU

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LadyPsychic Aug 1, 2016
Score 7.8/10

Story Koguresou Monogatari is basically made up of several related stories, each one following a different character.  The reason why this isn't considered a collection is because the stories are related and even somewhat interconnected (with most of the characters appearing in each others' stories).  Each of the stories give us a peek into the characters' lives, with some of them... read more



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