Kodomo no Jikan

Vol: 13; Ch: 93
2005 - 2013
4.112 out of 5 from 766 votes
Rank #3,741
Kodomo no Jikan

Aoki Daisuke is a fresh, new elementary school teacher, eager to help shape and guide his young students. But he got more than he bargained for with Kokonoe Rin! This saucy third grader has knowledge beyond her years, and a deep-seated mistrust and loathing of adults. She will go to any lengths to protect her friends Kuro and Mimi, including harassment, extortion, threats, and sexual blackmail. And yet, with her friends, she is kind, caring, and self-sacrificing. Can Daisuke gain Rin's trust and save her from her dark side without falling victim to it himself?

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So, lets be frank. The first thing ANYONE thinks about the first time they hear about this is "OMG KIDDY PRONZ!!!!" and i was exactly the same way. I used to think this was just basically a way to skirt the law and deliver borderline CP to creepy AF dues. I was wrong. After recently hearing about how there was apparently a successful Kickstarter to have this brought to US shores, i couldnt ignore it. Much like when i heard about the infamous second half of Bunny Drop, i had to investigate for myself and see if what everyone said was true, or if people were blowing things way out of porportion with ignorant reactions. Much like with Bunny Drop, they were. Don't get me wrong, theres a LOT of stuff in here that i'd say is still a bit sketchy, and could probably still be handled without being so... graphic. But it is ABSOLUTELY a mature, well thought out, and very adult story, full of well thought out characters dealing with very real issues. Those issues just tend to be the kinds of things we sweep under the rug and pretend don't exist. Is this a manga for everyone? No, not even remotely. It deals with subjects a LOOOOOT of people are going to be uncomfortable with, and even I feel it goes a bit overboard at times, BUT, it is absolutely NOT the pandering creepy lolicon bait everyone makes it out to be. If you're up for it, if you can read it with a completely open mind, without judging it out the gate and genuinely try to take in the nuances and development that is there, GO FOR IT!  This review was writen at about chapter 60/93... maybe things will take a really wrong turn, maybe it WILL devolve in to just a sketchy way to legalize CP. but i highly doubt it. Theres a story here to tell, and even if it IS super uncomfortable at times, it's a good one, one i don't regret reading in the slightest.


I liked watching the three girls grow, I felt sappy watching them graduate. It's fine whenever Kokonoe Rin teases Aoki Daisuke and I was enjoying the series but there were some issues I had that showed up later in the plot that I will now point out now so spoiler warning. I really did feel bad about Kokonoe Aki passing away and wanted to praise her in person of how even though giving birth to Rin put her life at risk she still wanted to have Rin. I respected Rin's guardian Kokonoe Reiji at first but I got irritated by how he wanted to make Rin take her mother's place as his lover when she got old enough because she was a daughter to him! Next is after all that Reiji tells one of Rin's friends, Usa Mimi who has had a crush on him because of the bond they share of not feeling loved by their parents to have his babies to which I wanted to punch the bastard as he said that and hugged Mimi. It was bad enough when he was going after Rin and he claims that Aki is the only woman he loves! He could have gotten a new lover when a co worker was visiting his home and Rin being jealous not wanting Reiji to forget about his love for Aki told the nice co worker that Reiji has someone he loves to which she nervously leaves and then later marries someone else, what a waste! Anither part that also annoyed me was that Aoki could have gotten with another teacher Hoin Kyouko who loves him, is beautiful not to mention has nice big breasts and is really fun to be around and supportive. At a bit passed the middle of the story she confesses to Aoki and he turns her down just because he loves Rin, Rin was still at that point in primary school and like 11 or 12 years old and I could not help but get mad because of Aoki's stupid way of thinking! The last bit that really made me want to punch Aoki repeatedly was at the end of the series where he tries to put his penis inside Rin and she couldn't fit him because of his size which was painful for her and he pats her on the head and says "let's take things slow". You piece of trash rapist, he was concered about Reiji wanting to be lovers with Rin and that's a problem but if he does it, it's okay?! Go to hell you damn hypocrite! Other than that I was fine with this series, can't say I want to finish the anime because of the trash in the show. Man do Aoki Daisuke and Kononoe Reiji anger me to no end. 

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