Kizuna: Bonds of Love

Vol: 11; Ch: 56
1992 - 2008
3.998 out of 5 from 104 votes
Rank #3,755
Kizuna: Bonds of Love

Ranmaru is handsome, popular, a master of kendo and adored by his roommate and lover Enjoji. But when Ranmaru is involved in a hit and run accident, he loses the ability to partake in his beloved sport, and comes to fully appreciate the man who loves him for who he is. Unfortunately, that appreciation won't stop other possible suitors that soon try their luck with the dashing college student, and he finds himself in a compromising position with one of his professors. Is Ranmaru destined to stay with Enjoji forever, even when ex-kendo student Kei enters the picture?

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MidoriNatsuki May 21, 2011
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Kizuna 1 - Three's a crowd. Ranmaru and Kei have a strong and passionate relationship built on years of trust. Sacrifice and love. When the mysterious son of a Yakuza boss starts to have designs on Ranmaru's affection, tempers flare, and the hidden emotions rise to the surface. will Ranmaru and Kei's love for each other be able to survive this difficult test, or will the emotional conflict finally come to a... read more

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