Kiyoku Tadashiku Utsukushiku

Vol: 1; Ch: 7
2018 - 2019
3.114 out of 5 from 67 votes
Rank #18,689
Kiyoku Tadashiku Utsukushiku

A sole omega was born into an alpha family. They hid him away and raised him in secret, ashamed of his existence. Chikage is named heir of the Souma clan after his older sister runs away. The first omega to be the leader of an alpha only clan. Hiroto, an alpha, met Chikage once when they were both kids. Years later they meet again when Hiroto is chosen to take care of Chikage at school, but he's nothing like the sweet child who clung to him before. Chikage now has a cold attitude and a slutty body... and wants nothing to do Hiroto?!

Source: MU

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