Kitsch Year

Alt title: Disrespectful Bitch

Vol: 3; Ch: 73
2.9 out of 5 from 65 votes
Rank #16,071
Kitsch Year

Su-Ae Choi has had a tragic life. The girl was raised at an orphanage where she was subjected to the cruel whims of the director, who prostituted and raped her at every opportunity. After escaping, Su-Ae manages to find love with the wrong man, and things only get much, much worse from there...

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Disclaimer: what you're about to read is a complete click-bait to make you read this manhwa. How did I find this title? While happily reading my usual erotic novel I came across two guys discussing one of its chapters. One of them said "this is fucked up.." and another replied right after "not even close to Disrespectful Bitch", and here I am checking it out. Was it a good idea? I guess you'll find out. Orphanages are rough places. Places where kids share their loneliness, places where they have to deal with all sorts of traumas. But what happens to Su-Ae goes way beyond drama. Used and abused by all men, she doesn't know how the outside world looks like. She doesn't know what freedom is. She's forced inside the orphanage for a single reason: sell her body for a couple of dollars every hour, every day, every year. But maybe there's a chance, a chance to escape Hell... All she has to do is run for her life and never look back. Plus/minus considerations: STORY: First of all I want to say that I'm glad I decided to stick with this story because I thought it was impossible for a manhwa to be 72-73 chapters of sexual abuse and.. oh boy I was so right. As I already said, Su-Ae is a 20 years old orphan girl who's forced to stay in the orphanage because she's everybody's prostitute. She's the escape goat for every frustated man or even teenager that enters or lives in the house. The story kicks in when she manages to escape right at the beginning and this is how all begins: Su-Ae is finally free, she can live her life. She has so much to learn, nobody to trust. But... what's exciting about this? Oh, you need to read it because this manhwa goes through a complete 180° that can be shocking at first, creepy and painful at second and "OH MY GOD NO" at the end. The ending.. my "jewels" still hurt from what I've seen. I know it's going to be hard to do it because there's a shitton of sexual content, sexual abuse and physical abuse. But I promise, if you can hold your composure and stick through it, it's going to be worth it: you're going to see a completely different scenario that would make every psychopath proud. This is why I'd say an average score balances the impressive change of pace of the story. (-) ART: art style is average: you might like it, you might not. Some of the readers might find it inconsistent, especially in certain scenes where characters stare at each others (I have one in particular in mind, near the end). The artist sure loves drawing naked people doing lewd things, but that's part of the story and you're going to see a lot of them. (-) CHARACTERS:I'm only going to talk about Su-Ae because everything I say about every other character (near the totality of them are men looking for hookers or simply easy women they can abuse) could be a spoiler. Su-Ae is a scarred girl who's never been able to understand what "having a chance" means: not a second chance, just one. The more she has to go through, the more she's being damaged. When life seems to give her a chance, she gets stabbed in the back... and let me tell you, you're going to see a lot of stabbing. Discussing with thor (here's his review) we came to the realization that she does really bad choices, it's true. But I believe that the reason behind her lack of common sense is due to all the mental damage she had to suffer throughout her entire life. Interesting character, interesting turnaround. The rest of the crew is mostly garbage, she holds down the fort by herself (-) This is a read for brave people. If you are susceptible or sensible and you can't handle tough content such as sexual and physical abuse, leave this page and never look back. If you think you can make it, please read this. If you also think this is brainless abuse towards women, you're going to be happily disappointed. Good luck, you'll need it.


Honestly, I have no idea how to review Disrespectful Bitch. In the first place, the "Bitch" isn't particularly disrespectful, and the title Kitsch Year seems equally random. But there's also the matter of the kind of story and content this manhwa has - namely because it wasn't all that bad, but I really didn't enjoy it all that much. (there's also another reason, but that would be a spoiler). Speaking of the content, there's a lot of violence and sexual content (and sexual violence here). But although there's a lot of sex-scenes, they never really aroused me. I also don't think they were supposed to arouse people  - although that's definitely going against the trend of semi-porn webcomics that you see often in manhwa. MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD Well, on to the story then, because the synopsis isn't all that clear on what to expect. In short, it's about the life of a woman who grew up in an orphanage and was forced to prostitute herself. She knows nothing of the world, of love, or anything else. So when she manages to get out of the orphanage, she has to rely on others to teach her how to be a functioning member of society. But of course it wouldn't be an interesting story if everything went smoothly...  There's also a certain twist in the story which makes it a more interesting read, but I'm not going to reveal the nature of that twist since it would be too much of a spoiler. The ending is also worth mentioning... because there are no words for it. This image seems like a good fit: The characters are, simply put, all assholes. 99% of them are guys, and they all think of nothing but sex and rape (it's always nice to see such a nuanced image of men...). The 1% is a couple of women who don't really matter for the story, except for the main character Su-Ae. A woman who is traumatized, of course, but also too stupid or naive at times while very intelligent at other moments. Which makes it feel like the author changed her intelligence to the level the story demanded her to have. The art is... well, it depends on the image. Sometimes it's really good, overall it's ok but nothing special, but there's also a lot of derpy faces.  OVERALL It's definitely not the worst comic you can pick up, and especially because after the twist it becomes a more surreal read. However, the annoying characters and the sexual and violent content could be major turn-offs for some people, and were also what made me lower my score to a total of only 5/10: it's ok-ish for once, but reading this is not an experience I want to repeat anytime soon.

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