Kitchen Princess

Alt title: Kitchen no Ohime-sama

Vol: 10; Ch: 46
2004 - 2008
3.979 out of 5 from 1,486 votes
Rank #4,456
Kitchen Princess

When Najika was a little girl, her parents died, and she nearly did as well until a boy saved her and gave her a flan so that she'd stop crying. Since then Najika has wanted to once more meet her ‘Flan Prince,' though all she has to go on is the silver spoon he left behind. Now a young lady, Najika is on her way to Tokyo to study at Seika Academy, the origin of the spoon and a prestigious cooking school. While there she'll hone her culinary skills, help transform a school eatery into something special and make new friends such as the brothers Daichi and Sora - but will she ever find her prince?

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Story: At first glance this story might seem pretty simple and odd, after all when I first heard it was about a girl searching for a guy who gave her a SPOON of all things I must admit I was thinking it sounded a little silly, but as soon as I was one chapter in I was absolutely hooked, and finished this series quicker than any other- it was that good. The story itself is great, with various mini-stories concerning an array of characters all intertwining together, and with such amazing plot twists including memory loss and deaths of main characters what can even get your tears flooding out all over the place, this manga certianly shouldn't be missed. Art: I love the art in Kitchen Princess, Natsumi Ando's artwork is always beautiful and it never went slobby or odd, the characters moods were correctly conveyed through theit expressions and the pictures were a feast for the eyes. Characters: The characters are quite exceptional also. You find yourself loving some characters, then maybe hating them, then hating some and afterwards loving them as they befriend our heroine. The love-triangle of Najika, Sora and Daichi is one of the most memorable love triangles for me and is as bittersweet as it is incredible. Then theres Ayano, the model who becomes a first-class enemy of Najika. But does Najika ever give up at changing her enemy? No, she doesn't. Instead she's only nicer to Ayano, and in the end wins her over and they become fast friends. Overall: This is way better than the story of a girl looking for a guy with a spoon- its amazing and certainly one of the best manga's I've ever read, you don't have to be into cooking to like it anyway. I'm certainly no fan of cooking yet it managed to draw me in! If you like love triangles, high school slice of life stories, then this is a must read :D


Story: The plot seemed decent at first glance. However, everything about this manga boiled down to a typical, generic shoujo storyline. Trait 1: Plain average girl who is fairly kind but lacks any other distinguishing trait garners the love and attention from the school's hot shots aka the guys all the girls love. Trait 2: She gets the mean eye from the model in class who's jealous of her because the love of her life likes the main female instead of herself. Trait 3: Everyone, and I mean everyone, has to love the girl because she's just so sweet. Yeah, the main line was extremely predicatable and unoriginal like 95% of shoujo and there were lame fillers galore. Since the series was predictable, the manga on-whole was pretty boring. The only exception was that this series included cooking and baking which I absolutely love. It was pretty much the only reason I kept reading the story till the end and gave it such a high score. I just loved all the food references. If it was not for the food, I would give this manga a 2.5/3 and that would be pushing it. Art: The art is extremely sub-par. There are a ridiculous amount of flowers and sparkles and polka dots that are just so distracting. The side profiles made the characters seem very unattractive. The boys are supposed to typical bishies but I found only Daichi to be cute. Najika was generic looking like many shoujo girls. I guess it's supposed to fit her completely bland personality? The expressions were incredibly over the top. Whenever a character was supposed to look shocked/upset, they just wound up looking like zombies. Not a fan. Characters: Nothing remotely special about the characters. I can easily summarize every one of them in a about a sentence. Najika/Main chick: Plain, dense, clueless, but nice and can cook and who swoons for the Prince in the school at first glance. Sora: Knight in Shining Armor who is kind and lives solely to make the main girl happy. Daichi: Nice but jokes around a lot with the main girl and lives soley to make the main girl happy. etc....everyone falls under a stereotype. There's the mean jealous girl, misunderstood dad, misunderstood chef boy, cute kids, loving/supportive grandma, and the list goes on. Overall: Okay if you're into all shoujo fluff entertainment that completely lacks in substance and consists of predictable plots and two-dimensional characters or you really love food or both. However if you want something with substance where you don't get sappy moment after moment, not to mention a sickenenly sweet, cliche, predictable ending that can make you gag, don't even bother with this. Now the reason for the high score was because of the recipes at the end. I highly recommend getting the manga just to try the recipes. Instead of wasting your time reading this manga, make the food. It's a lot more satisfying.  

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