Kiss the Abyss

Alt title: Wo de Guaiwu

Ch: 132
2020 - 2022
4.298 out of 5 from 595 votes
Rank #358
Kiss the Abyss

As a rookie game designer, Wang Zixin never imagined that he'd get sent to hell and back by the game's male protagonist. And the only way to escape this death cycle is by crossing into the game and raising Abyss, the game's male protagonist, healthily. Wang Zixin: "Not only do I have to go through this survival game, but I have to raise a child while doing so??? This isn't even humanly possible..."

Source: Bilibili Comics

Includes 4 extra chapters.

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Tldr: fun story but not too memorable. Art gets better and the age difference gets solved.  Prince is introduced as not only Abyss’s creator and intellectual superior by leaps and bounds, but also he’s 27 when Abyss is 17. I’m not a purist, I’ll read fucked up shit, but it is a little annoying/weird when the creator pretends that a relationship is healthy and perfect when its pretty exploitative. While reading I sort of expected all these things to be glossed over like age usually is in isekai, but it’s surprisingly not.  It reminded me a little of Scum Villain’s Self Saving System in the way that Abyss is quite aware that Prince sees and treats him like a helpless child and in an effort to stay in Prince’s good graces, he continues to act as such. Prince knows Abyss is a homicidal maniac but sorta… doesn’t care and continues to baby him. They end up having a pretty good talk about who they are and what they want from each other later on in the story.  As for the age thing, there’s an 8 year time skip, but only for Abyss- it passes in a month for Prince- so they’re 27 and 25 when they get together. It seems like a bit of a cop out but it does make sense within the story.  One small issue I take with the story is that the side characters really don't matter at all. They aren’t given much personality and no development, and there’s only 2 characters beside the leads that matter and only 1 has a recurring part.  I liked this story but it’s not… very impactful or incredibly memorable. I binged it in a day and I doubt I’ll think about it very much after this. There’s not much actual conflict I suppose? Prince never loses and the angst was undercut by the fact that the reader knew they would find each other again. The stakes just never felt very high.

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