Kiss of the Rose Princess

Alt title: Barajou no Kiss

Vol: 9; Ch: 40
2008 - 2011
3.894 out of 5 from 1,237 votes
Rank #5,692
Kiss of the Rose Princess

Anise Yamamoto has been told that if she ever removes the rose choker given to her by her father, a terrible punishment will befall her. Unfortunately she loses that choker when a bat-like being named Ninufa falls from the sky and hits her. Ninufa gives Anise four cards representing four knights whom she can summon with a kiss. But now that she has these gorgeous men at her beck and call, what exactly is her quest?!

Source: Viz

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Story: 7/10 Interesting, but it suffered a lot from the fact that it was only meant to be a volume long. There are plotholes for sure, but it's still quite enjoyable. Art: 10/10 If there's anything you can count on from Aya Shouoto, it's beautiful artwork. It really brings the characters to life as well as allowing the reader to feel the chemistry between the characters. Characters: 9/10 The characters are all lovely themselves, but it's the relationships and interactions between them that is really great. The heroine, Anise, has different reactions to all of the boys when they do something romantic with her. While he is not my personal favorite, I would have to say that Mutsuki is the best written character with his deep and emotional backstory regarding his loss of memory and what happened before he went into a long slumber. The best relationship is the one between side characters Idel and Yakoh, the inseparable idol boys. Personal Enjoyment: 10/10 You can get the majority of personal enjoyment from the previous sections, but there are a few bits about characters and relationships to be discussed here. The Relationship Between Kaede and Anise: Honestly, my OTP of OTPs! They are just so cute with each other in the way they bounce off of one another along with Kaede's loyalty and Anise's trust make me love them together so so much. Kaede's Character: Sassy and brash best boy. Seiran's Character: Precious cinnamon roll deserves the world. Kaede and Seiran's Relationship: Don't know what to say, but they're friendship makes my heart both sing and cry..

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