Kiraware Yuusha wo Enjita Ore wa, Naze ka Last Boss ni Sukarete Issho ni Seikatsu Shitemasu!

Vol: 4; Ch: 22
2021 - 2023
3.326 out of 5 from 143 votes
Rank #34,908
Kiraware Yuusha wo Enjita Ore wa, Naze ka Last Boss ni Sukarete Issho ni Seikatsu Shitemasu!

The hero Ares was about to fight the final battle for the fate of the world. However, the three party members who became his friends on the trip said, "I can't follow you anymore!" Yes, he was hated by all the party members. Their patience had run out and they finally left Ares. But that is what Ares, the hero, wanted. The last opponent is the genie [Demiurge] who is bringing destruction and chaos to the world. He cannot involve his party members in a fight from which they may not return alive. So it was his plan to play a disgusting person who would drive everyone away from him. Alone, the hero entered the final battle, and died… or did he? Eh? Am I alive? Why am I naked? And why is [Demiurge] sleeping next to me? What happened? I can’t remember?!

Source: MU

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A mediocre story. I wasted my time, so at least you shouldn't. Story 3/10 The idea and the premise are actually good. It's the naivety of the protagonist and his betaness that ruin the story. With the way he behaves, the story can only develop in a disappointing way. Given that there's nothing interesting going on that would make up for it and that the story ends very early and abruptly (22 chapters) before even exploring its potential properly, I can't give any decent score for it. Art 4/10 It's just meh. It's not necessarily bad (it might be the fault of the scans' quality), but there's nothing good about it, either. Characters 3/10 Yeah, this is the thing I hate about this novel. The protagonist is a massive beta and acts like a virgin with his first girlfriend (a very clear indication of wish fulfillment crossed with beta author self-insert). The way he reacts to female lead's behavior shows how women can easily gaslight and manipulate men without even trying. He's a total pushover even with other people, e.g. in chapter 21 or so when he covers for female lead versus the bandits. I almost dropped it right there and then (but I realized I was at the last chapter anyway); it was so pathetic. The female lead is supposedly loving the protagonist very deeply and wants the best for him, but she's really self-centered. As in, she doesn't really think about things from his perspective, and assumes that things are fine when they are fine to her (the greatest example is how she acted after the protagonist and she slept together). Well, at least that makes her a realistic average beautiful woman nowadays. Other than that, aside from love bombing the MC, she doesn't really have much redeeming quality imo. I have little to say about the rest of the cast. Because there isn't much. They exist, they kind of have some defining features, but nothing really stands out much. Maybe they'd amount to something if the manga was longer and the author put a bit more importance on the other cast. Summary 3/10 Very typical Japanese dumbass authoring - coming up with a nice premise and then royally screwing it up. Don't read.

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