Kirai de Isasete 2nd

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
2019 - 2020
4.626 out of 5 from 1,683 votes
Rank #88
Kirai de Isasete 2nd

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Naoto and Hazuki have now been living together for a bit and have a baby. We see Shizuku taking on the role of the big sister and we see Hazuki's mom, the president of a large company, generally excited about feir grandchildren. We see the couple learn to rely on each other more when they have problems. Hazuki has some insecurities over being a good parent, worrying that fe's inept. Naoto is at first still a bit insecure about being an omega and specifically worries about introducing femself as Hazuki's partner, but over the course of the story fe gains more self-confidence and is even able to say that fe's glad fe's an omega (though, realistically, this major self-esteem shift is a bit too abrupt). Naoto also has to cope with traumatic feelings and anxieties related to feir rape from years ago resurfacing. At first, I appreciated how it seemed they were showing that trauma never fully leaves you and is something you'll always have to cope with, but then I was a bit disappointed when they "resolved" it and acted as though feir trauma was solved forever. I mean, I realize that a clean resolution makes the story feel better, but it also makes it feel simplistic. I also didn't really care for the way this manga seemed to be implying that victims should just move on and that seeking legal action is a bad thing to do (for example, when Naoto is complimented as being "kind" for letting feir rapist go in chapter 5). And, related to that, this manga leans on problems being resolved privately with back-room deals or people punching each other rather than through the court system.

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