Kira-kun Today

Alt title: Kyou no Kira-kun

Vol: 9; Ch: 34
2011 - 2014
4.233 out of 5 from 473 votes
Rank #1,696
Kira-kun Today

For one short year, haplessly awkward, cockatiel-toting Nino has to keep watch over class joker and nextdoor neighbor, Kira-kun. Can Kira-kun—who harbors a terrible secret—find it in himself to open up and learn something new from Nino, or will she be consumed by his world? 

Source: Kodansha

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delolmo May 15, 2017
Score 7/10

Story Nino is a bit of an outcast in school with a bird for a best friend. She is neighbors with Kira who is a popular guy in her class but both of them do not talk with one another. One day, Nino’s family tell her Kira has a disease that will take his life in about a year, and to be nice to him. From this point on both teens start a friendship and their relationship develops to a romantic one. Nino is... read more



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