King's Game (Hitori RENDA)

Alt title: Ousama Game (Hitori RENDA)

Vol: 5; Ch: 28
2010 - 2012
3.241 out of 5 from 558 votes
Rank #11,458
King's Game (Hitori RENDA)

A mysterious command arrives from a "King"-----The life-threatening "Game" has now begun for the 32 students of the first year's B Class. One day, all of the students in Nobuaki's class received their first message from someone calling themselves the "King", in which was written a baffling command. That first command was very easy. However, the commands began to escalate until a life-threatening game had begun---

Source: MU

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Vaniltea Nov 26, 2014
Score 2/10

One day, the students of a high school class all recieve the same text message and suddenly get caught up in a dangerous game. Everyday, an order is issued, and if it is not obeyed within 24 hours, the student who was given said order will die. Ousama Game could have been an average, but somewhat enjoyable, 'deadly game' manga among many others. It is, however, not the case, and shows perfectly how a story... read more

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