King's Game

Alt titles: Ousama Game, The King's Command

Vol: 5; Ch: 25
2010 - 2012
3.278 out of 5 from 872 votes
Rank #35,678
King's Game

Nobuaki's classmates receive mysterious text message from ‘The King’. At first it was a simple command, but step by step escalates into extremity. Insubordination link directly to death!! In order to survive, classmates starts hating and killing each other

Source: Futabasha

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One day, the students of a high school class all recieve the same text message and suddenly get caught up in a dangerous game. Everyday, an order is issued, and if it is not obeyed within 24 hours, the student who was given said order will die. Ousama Game could have been an average, but somewhat enjoyable, 'deadly game' manga among many others. It is, however, not the case, and shows perfectly how a story that starts in a mediocre way can end up being a catastrophe. Story: Ousama Game doesn't have a particularly impressive start. The first orders given by the Ousama mostly revolve around kissing or touching people of the opposite sex, which makes it hard to take the story seriously, even though people are actually dying because of it. But as silly as the story may seem, it still manages to catch the interest. Almost as soon as the manga starts, we are confronted to the mysteries of the Ousama Game. Who is behind it? Why is it happening? How? Considering the fact that the story is not really interesting at that point, it is probably the desire to see those questions answered that keeps us reading. However, as the story starts becoming more serious, it feels like we are only getting farther from the answers to the mystery. And this is where a scenario that was already unsteady completely falls apart. The revelations, as well as the final plot twist, make absolutely no sense, especially when taking into consideration all the things that happened previously in the story. In conclusion, after finishing reading Ousama Game, you are left with a feeling of incomprehension, as you wonder whether the author actually thought about his story before writing it. Characters: This manga does have a large cast of characters if we include all the students of the class. Of course, some of them are never really developped, but those who are are mostly uninteresting or annoying. This seond category of characters seems to be divided into two sub-categories: the 'nice' characters and the 'bad' characters. There isn't really much room for normal people, in fact, the characters being either selfless people who are ready to die for their friends anytime, or selfish and cruel people who would probably let everyone die if it could allow them to survive. In other words, no one is really likable, and most characters have motivations that are either not explained or simply not understandable. Art: The art is mostly average, with some inconsistency in its quality. While it is sometimes quite good, it often seems to become a bit messy in certain parts, especially when the characters have more intense facial expressions. Enjoyment: The story wasn't particularly enjoyable from the start, and if it tried to become more interesting towards the middle, it was to eventually end up falling into the abyss of stupidity and nonsense. As short as this manga may be, I would not recommend it, even if you enjoy this genre.

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