Kingdom Hearts II

Vol: 10; Ch: 69
2006 - 2015
3.88 out of 5 from 604 votes
Rank #8,298
Kingdom Hearts II

Roxas is a seemingly normal boy enjoying an ordinary summer break - except he's a being that shouldn’t even exist! In truth he is but a part of the keyblade hero, Sora, who is currently in a deep sleep trying to regain his lost memories. After spending a year living a life of his own, it is now time for Roxas to disappear so that Sora, Donald and Goofy can continue their quest to find Riku and King Mickey. However, while Sora prevented the Heartless from destroying the world, a new threat has since appeared. A group known as Organization XIII is made up of and controls “Nobodies” - beings formed when someone with a strong heart falls into darkness - and their motivations may not be in everyone’s best interests. Plus with Maleficent returning and resuming her plans for world domination, Sora and the gang will certainly have their work cut out.

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