Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

Vol: 5; Ch: 35
2009 - 2012
4.124 out of 5 from 357 votes
Rank #3,129
Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

Organization XIII is a group that aims to collect hearts and complete "Kingdom Hearts" so they can unite with it and finally become whole beings. The organization is comprised of fourteen individuals without hearts known as "Nobodies", and one such member is Roxas, a being spawned from Sora's fight in Hollow Bastian. As one of only two Nobodies in the organization to wield the power of the keyblade, it is Roxas' job to defeat the Heartless and release the hearts they contain. Now, Roxas goes about his daily missions, and through his interactions with his fellow Nobodies, Axel and Xion, he slowly begins to learn the meaning of friendship and what the heart truly is.

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