King of Wolves (Mawei)

Alt title: Papa Wolf and the Puppy

Ch: 109+
2020 - ?
4.38 out of 5 from 1,008 votes
Rank #103
King of Wolves (Mawei)

A story about a wolf, his encounter with a small puppy, and their life together following.

Source: MU

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I was genuinely looking forward to some animal cuteness, and I am genuinely very disappointed at how this turned out. First of all, the entire premise of a wolf and a dog was dropped after chapter 19 and was replaced by a human ex-yakuza and a dog-like child (with some shounen-ai elements between some of the adult men). The webtoon doesn't feel like it has a clear idea of what it wants to be. During the wolf chapters, there were several chapters that jumped around and portrayed the puppy in adult form. And after the human chapters started, they've had several vague attempts at crossovers between the dog universe and the human universe as well as a random chapter dedicated to a cat universe (ch. 34). Clearly, there's no real plot since the author is just playing around with the idea of a hardened, dangerous leader opening feir heart and rearing a cuddly child. The puppy is squat and snub-armed, like the mummy from How to Keep a Mummy, which passes the realm of cute animals into the realm of cute plushies. I don't like the blurredness seen in some of the movement, barking faces, and background images. I also don't like how they have the dogs talking, and I especially don't like how they have the puppy talking (they had the right idea to have the human child unable to talk). I feel it would've been much cuter to just have it be no dialogue. I also find the basic premise of somebody intending to be harsh and heartless but caving in because of doe eyes and fluff to get old pretty quickly. I would much rather if this story wasn't screaming "this is cute!!!," but instead was showing the daily lives of wolves which would inevitably result in some adorable moments. Like, the underling is a pathetic character who would serve no purpose in a story with more meat to it. But the focus on the wolves might be gone forever, as far as I know. [Reviewed at chapter 37]

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