King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL the COMIC

Vol: 1; Ch: 8
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King of Braves GaoGaiGar FINAL the COMIC

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"Review APPROVED!!!" the eyebrow-chief yelled dramatically while pointing into the distance at nothing in particular. The reviewer, of course, didn't need the chief's permission and generally thought the chief was just a waste of space. Deep down, the chief must've been aware of how useless fe was, and perhaps that's why fe tried to make up for feir lack of substance with pure intensity. Fe needed to be loved, but feir actions just ended up pushing people further away. And in general, this manga suffers from that same problem: it's intense to the point of being ridiculous. The action lines and sound effects and robots on robots make the panels feel cramped, though this is primarily a problem of the artist not doing a good job differentiating the foregrounds from the backgrounds. And all the squared lines and segments can make looking at the robots a bit of an eyesore. The fight sequencing isn't always the clearest and the motives of the villains can be pretty stupid (especially with Shuu and the Bionet baddie). The story is split into two sections. The first one (ch. 1-3) deals with a Soldato and a fallen Soldato and I actually appreciated the villain in this one, though it felt a bit unclear how lucid fe actually was. The second one (ch. 4-8) deals with Shuu and Bionet stealing some new technology and kidnapping a girl from the GGG in order to provoke a fight. I honestly can't say I liked any of the characters in this section, with the villains and Alouette being especially cringeworthy. There are cyborgs and spaceships and fusions that lead to mecha robots. The recurring threat involves Zonder metal, which seems to corrupt and mechanize biological organisms (though unfortunately, it doesn't delve very deeply into this). The first story involves fighting the thirty-one Machine Primevals, who have used the Zonder metal for their own purposes. And the second story involves fighting Bionet, who have been experimenting with Zonder metal. I think my favorite chapters were the ones where backstories were explained since those allowed me to feel like I knew what was going on a lot more.

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