Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou

Vol: 2; Ch: 12
2012 - 2017
3.745 out of 5 from 1,114 votes
Rank #16,518
Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou

Tomboy Subaru and outspoken Akira used to be inseparable when they were children, until the wealthy Subaru was sent off to a private institution for the best education. But now, the two are together again in high school, and the now-beautiful Subaru won't give Akira, who was always in love with the girl, the time of day. So when the boy hears that making a wish to the school's Obtuse God can make a romance come true, he asks that his closet becomes a portal to Subaru's room and that she'll walk through it – and then she does, naked! The Obtuse God then appears and informs them that since they both wished for the same thing, it was granted – but the price to be paid is an hour per day of Subaru's self control! Now, this tsundere-to-the-extreme girl spends time each day revealing her true feelings for Akira, begging for his loins and fluids at every turn. How will Akira cope with this new relationship?

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This is a short but sweet manga, with several unexpected plot developments that kept me intrigued.  I think one of the most erotic types of story you can tell involves two people both wanting to have sex, but not being able to for whatever reason--it creates a great buildup of tension of desire and action. This manga pulls this off beautifully, having Subaru lose feir self-control for an hour a day and beg Akira for intercourse. And though Akira wants it as well, fe struggles with the ethics of it, especially since Subaru would be pissed at fem if fe took advantage of feir time of weakness. It deals with the importance of sobriety in consent. The manga also deals with social expectations and how people have multiple personas and roles they play depending on who they're interacting with. Subaru, even with self-control, acts differently with feir classmates, with feir sister, with Akira at school, and with Akira in private. It also deals with the negativity put onto having sexual urges and implies that sexual "purity" shouldn't be seen as more virtuous, that everybody has urges and shouldn't have to feel ashamed of them. The world felt pretty insular--largely only focusing on the two main characters in one room. While there are several scenes in classrooms, the other students never rise above being background characters. Some of Subaru's family is introduced, but Akira's family is never seen or even talked about, beyond being poor. Perhaps the story was best served by focusing entirely on Subaru and Akira's love story, but I found the most fascinating scenes to be when Subaru lost control around people other than Akira (and reacted in ways other than horniness), so I would have loved to see the story expand and open itself to including more varied scenes of loss of self-control.


Hands down one of the least pleasing manga I've read.Starts with the typical story between childhood friends (guy and gal) being close in the past, but gradually getting cold towards each other. In the present time, the MC has feelings for our girl but is aware of her being distant and being unwelcoming towards him: they never talk to each other.FMC seems to have grown cuter from the typical tomboyish self in the past and also seems to be popular at school.While MC barely passed the test to be in the same prestigious school as her. He's depicted as a bland and lonely character.This is the part that I don't understand: the wish.It seems like he wished addressing to the "obverse god" that his room and FMC's room get connected through their closet. And lord behold, his wish came true. The "obverse god" is depicted as a mere pillow. The sole purpose of granting the wish was because both the guy and the girl wished the same thing. It was also for the "god" to take one's "self-control" for one hour each day (which is the girl's).Ok, this gets really freaking weird. First, we can see the girl not containing her emotions and revealing that she's been trying hard to become cuter for the MC (he liked feminine girls). They're obliged to stay in the same room.And then... the FMC loses control??? I mean, she gets all turned on and stuff just by the mere thought of being with this guy (she even confessed that she usually masturbates thinking about him, wtf???). She also reveals that her cold act was because she was way too embarrassed to show her girly side to MC.Pent up and all, the girl asks to have sex with him. Undresses (yay! some nudity! -.-), and fells unconscious because the control ended.Anyways, this manga isn't worth it. The characters have no charm whatsoever and the story keeps on getting shittier the more you read it. Freaking hell...

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