Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou

Vol: 2; Ch: 12
2012 - 2017
3.625 out of 5 from 1,221 votes
Rank #22,065
Kimi wa Midara na Boku no Joou

Tomboy Subaru and outspoken Akira used to be inseparable when they were children, until the wealthy Subaru was sent off to a private institution for the best education. But now, the two are together again in high school, and the now-beautiful Subaru won't give Akira, who was always in love with the girl, the time of day. So when the boy hears that making a wish to the school's Obtuse God can make a romance come true, he asks that his closet becomes a portal to Subaru's room and that she'll walk through it – and then she does, naked! The Obtuse God then appears and informs them that since they both wished for the same thing, it was granted – but the price to be paid is an hour per day of Subaru's self control! Now, this tsundere-to-the-extreme girl spends time each day revealing her true feelings for Akira, begging for his loins and fluids at every turn. How will Akira cope with this new relationship?

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This is a short but sweet manga, with several unexpected plot developments that kept me intrigued.  I think one of the most erotic types of story you can tell involves two people both wanting to have sex, but not being able to for whatever reason--it creates a great buildup of tension of desire and action. This manga pulls this off beautifully, having Subaru lose feir self-control for an hour a day and beg Akira for intercourse. And though Akira wants it as well, fe struggles with the ethics of it, especially since Subaru would be pissed at fem if fe took advantage of feir time of weakness. It deals with the importance of sobriety in consent. The manga also deals with social expectations and how people have multiple personas and roles they play depending on who they're interacting with. Subaru, even with self-control, acts differently with feir classmates, with feir sister, with Akira at school, and with Akira in private. It also deals with the negativity put onto having sexual urges and implies that sexual "purity" shouldn't be seen as more virtuous, that everybody has urges and shouldn't have to feel ashamed of them. The world felt pretty insular--largely only focusing on the two main characters in one room. While there are several scenes in classrooms, the other students never rise above being background characters. Some of Subaru's family is introduced, but Akira's family is never seen or even talked about, beyond being poor. Perhaps the story was best served by focusing entirely on Subaru and Akira's love story, but I found the most fascinating scenes to be when Subaru lost control around people other than Akira (and reacted in ways other than horniness), so I would have loved to see the story expand and open itself to including more varied scenes of loss of self-control.


Don't misunderstand the medium score I gave this; I wholeheartedly enjoyed it. It's quite entertaining, but the problem is that I can't really justify calling it "good". The plot revolves around a pair of highschoolers who share a love for each other that neither feels is appropriate given their circumstances. One night they both make a wish that their rooms would be joined together, and a deity known as the Obverse God grants their wish, but with the caveat that the girl will lose all sense of self-control for a full hour every day. Romantic and familial drama ensue, riddled with teenage hormones. Story: Honestly this is the weakest part, and I kind of have a hard time even giving it a 5 out of 10. There's less plot here than most romance stories have, and honestly less story than some actual Hentai have. They love each other, her family gets in the way, they 'do their best' to overcome it (largely off-screen)... that's basically it. If you take out the sexy scenes, there's maybe 2 chapters worth of actual content here, and it would be a totally bland and by-the-books 'nobility' romance. That said, I do have to give it props for purusing an actual story rather than just stringing a bunch of H-scenes together and calling it a day. There's a clear starting point and ending point with dramatic and emotional tension at the climax that concludes the issue and leaves the characters in a different place than when they began, so by all rights it checks the boxes for 'being a story'. And again I'd like to clarify that despite my grievances with the story, I did enjoy reading it and I was quite happy with how it ended. Art: Easily the best part about this manga. Gorgeous detail in every panel, in both foreground and background. Everything is done nicely and cleanly. Probably some of the best art you'll find in this genre. There's very little wasted space or plain backgrounds, everything is properly proportioned and stays in its panel frames appropriately. When things get exciting and the action picks up, the typical 'action lines' and squiggly textboxes that comes staple with manga are properly subdued - clear and present, but not obstructing the ability to understand or see what's going on. Characters: Surprisingly above-par for a work of this genre. The main characters feel like they have genuine motivation, and are given enough background to be believable. Their actions are clearly guided by their established personalities, and so nothing they do feels out-of-character. Both of the main characters are also quite robust in terms of unique traits and quirks that make them feel more human. The only weak part of the characterization in this one is the side-characters. We see the father, the sister, and a few other side-characters who have prominent interactions with the MCs and the story, but they're all pretty one-dimensional characters that basically just serve to thrust drama and development upon the MCs without doing anything interesting themselves. I would have really like to see more characterization here. Overall: A really enjoyable, if simple, romance that's well worth the read. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but I wouldn't really give it any special awards. Note on tags: This absolutely deserves the Borderline H and Explicit Sex tags. The MCs are quite often and quite clearly engaged in a wide variety of sexual situations, with as little censorship as the artist could get away with.

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