Kimi wa Koi wo Shiranai

Alt title: You Don't Know What Love Is

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
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Kimi wa Koi wo Shiranai

No matter how difficult the matter, Oohashi Kazuya wins out with a composed expression. He’s the absolute ace of the sales department. But his true face is that of a worldly-wise man who’s a crybaby. One day, when a younger accountant who has made a bad impression, Iwashimizu, discovers his true nature, for some reason he asks him out…?! For Oohashi, everything is going swimmingly with work and with a perfectly attentive lover, but there’s a dark side to Iwashizumi’s niceness… I’m happy with only my work, but I won’t run away from this love.

Source: MU

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