Kimi no Koe

Vol: 2+; Ch: 10+
2020 - ?
4.388 out of 5 from 103 votes
Rank #1,922
Kimi no Koe

A man with the ability to hear inner voices got married to a girl who can't speak. It's the Taisho era. Kyogoku Kazunari, who can hear people's inner voices, makes skillful use of his ability by running a trading company. His business is going well, but due to his power, he cannot trust others and has been quite bitter so far. Wanting to make use of their connections, Kazunari has proposed to marry the daughter of the noble Suwabe family. However, not only can he not hear the inner voice of his partner Suwabe Nana, but she is also unable to speak. While Kazunari is bewildered, the two of them get married on the spur of the moment...? A clumsy but happy married life begins for them.

Source: MU

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The manga has an interesting premise and storytelling. It makes me interested in seeing the characters grow as they navigate their relationship together. The manga is told from the perspective of the ML and a third person omniscient that tells mostly the FL's, Nana's, perspective. That's quite fresh and interesting to me as I could get a feel of both of their characters. The ML has underlying reasons (that benefit him) for marrying Nana. He's selfish and practical. But there are acts of kindness that accompany his pragmatic thoughts. Yes, he might not be doing things with the kindest intentions, but the acts he does always benefit other people. Deep down, he's a good person. But man, he sure is a businessman. He's kind of realistic - a person's gotta look out for themselves. His pragmaticness doesn't make me feel uncomfortable like he's a bad person or anything, but I sense it could cause him to misunderstand or overthink some things. He's portrayed as someone who overcame their circumstances with their ambition and will to live. The backstory adds to his personality. He's also comedic, so that brings some humour to the story. He's a lively character for sure. Ah, also interesting: he has a power that allows him to hear thoughts. But he can't hear Nana's (yet?)  Nana has suffered a lot. She can't speak because of trauma. She's timid and grateful for many small things. She's often apologetic and too kind. But I still find her character interesting to read about. I feel like she has some hidden determination in her. Even though she's timid, I could still see that she has personality instead of just being a maxed-out-abused FL that authors make horribly abused just for the plot. I'm really interested in seeing how her character develops. Also, she also has a similar power to ML - how cool is that? ML and Nana are quite cute together. They both get flustered and care about each other, though ML still has some mistrust. They are a good match for each other. They complement each other well and I expect they will learn some good aspects from each other, which would help make them each a more complete person. I'm interested in seeing their relationship and themselves develop. Most of the other characters are also done well. The people who are close to the ML add a lot of comedy and personality to the story.  The story's going well. It's kept my interest. Chapter 5 has introduced a little drama and a shady character. I'll expect some misunderstandings/mistrust/drama/angst, which is frankly not my type of story much. But I'm still really interested because of the plot, characters, superpower, and comedy. I'll gladly endure the drama to get to see the characters interact with each other and develop themselves. The art is nice. I recommend you give this a try.

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