Kimi ni Nidome no Sayonara wo.

Alt title: A Second Goodbye to You.

Vol: 1+; Ch: 8+
2022 - ?
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Kimi ni Nidome no Sayonara wo.

Hinata Harusawa, who works as a web designer, lost his best friend Sora Otonashi two years ago, when he mysteriously vanished. But he has now received notification that Sora's body has been found. He attends the viewing of the body with his friend Shinohara who had been in the school art club with him, but there, Shinohara notices something peculiar in a painting that Sora had painted just before his disappearance. Just when he does, someone attacks Shinohara and Hinata... and when Hinata comes to, he finds that he's gone back to a certain time and place!! What is the truth behind the disappearance and death of his friend?! And what secret is hidden in the painting Sora made?

Source: Square Enix

Content Warning

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