Killing Stalking - Custom lists

Killing Stalking
  • Dallae
  • Clash of the 8 Warriors
  • Capture
  • Arcana Fantasy
  • 49 Days

Winners of Lezhin Comics Contests by AnnaSartin

These webtoons won prizes in Lezhin's "World Comic Contest", "Big4 Contest" or "US Comic Contest". Top winners will be noted.

  • Baker Baker Paradox
  • Asa to Micha
  • An Uncomfortable Truth
  • A Lotus Flower in the Mud
  • Love and Truth

Theme: Codependency by Claptrap

These stories feature characters with excessive dependency and reliance on another character as a main theme. Often there are consequences where a character fails to thrive or be capable of doing things independently. These...

  • Classmates
  • Bloody Mary (Akaza SAMAMIYA)
  • At the End of the Road
  • A Guy Like You
  • 19 Days

Mangas BL that are not only sex by MsPerseus

Mangas with an interesting story, where the characters grow and have more meaning than just screw to each others. And that are good.

  • All of You
  • All About Lust
  • A Guy Like You
  • Addiction
  • A Contractual Relationship

BL webcomics by AnnaSartin

Boys-Love webcomics, with links to their official English, Korean, Chinese or Japanese sites. (Links may become broken over time if comics are removed from the publisher's site or if the company puts an age restriction block on...

  • Ashita no Esa Kimi Dakara
  • An Uncomfortable Truth
  • A Night to Remember
  • An Easy Target
  • A Girl on the Shore

Really Messed Up Mangas by MsPerseus

Stories with dark characters or situations, such as rape, murder or any other type of violence, both physical and psychological. However, they are good stories, or at least interesting ones for those who love the dark side of...

  • Bound By Time
  • Bed Room Tour!
  • Ai no Kusabi: the Space Between (Light Novel)
  • 30 Days With You
  • 3-pun Instant no Chinmoku

Dubcon by Kari5

Dubcon or "dubious consent" is when one partner does not clearly give the other permission to touch them, but infers they may not be a willing participant. Sometimes there is a little resistance, and often the 'victim' ends up...

  • Killing Stalking
  • The Baker on the First Floor
  • Moritat
  • A Guy Like You
  • At the End of the Road

Good BL Manhwa by LupaLunae

There seems to be an influx of these these days, this is a list to make it easier to find more. This list is webcomic-specific, and "good" is just based on my own personal opinion. I'm totally open to new recommendations, this...

  • The Carp on the Chopping Block Jumps Twice
  • The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese
  • Twittering Birds Never Fly
  • Don't Stay Gold
  • Tadayoedo Shizumazu, Saredo Naki mo Sezu

BL manga that don't suck by Stela

I've actually stopped reading BL because of its rapey suckiness, so this list will rarely be updated. please recommend me some good titles, ta

  • 100% Perfect Girl
  • 30 Days With You
  • 10 Years in the Friend Zone
  • 4 Cut Hero
  • 1 Plus 1 (Soru)

Official English manhwa by RoyalOss

Official webcomics translated by Lezhin at Please support the official release!

  • Akumetsu
  • Ajin
  • AI07
  • A House Near The Station with A Wizard
  • 1-nen A-gumi no Monster

Manga characters killed by Truck-kun by RoyalOss

A list of manga, webtoons, or light novels where Japan's number 1 serial killer, Truck-kun, appears and tries to take another life - but it doesn't always succeed. The suspect's description: a big, white truck with black tinted...