Killer Crush

Alt title: Killer-ga Sarange Ppajyeosseul Ttae

Ch: 59+
2021 - ?
4.328 out of 5 from 522 votes
Rank #257
Killer Crush

A killer only has to do three things. Go on missions. Kill people. Leave absolutely no trace behind. Joo Taeman has 14 years of experience under his belt and he’s never let his feelings get the better of him. Never. That is, until Taeman experiences butterflies in his stomach after seeing national sweetheart Kang Dahyeok in person. But as it turns out, Taeman’s not the only one smitten on the spot. Dahyeok’s been looking for someone who can help him escape his reputation as a hunky heartthrob to live his gritty noir dreams. This killer crush’s out to get someone, but who’ll be the first to succumb?

Source: Lezhin

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