Kids Are All Right

Vol: 2; Ch: 53
4.571 out of 5 from 66 votes
Rank #59
Kids Are All Right

This story tells you the value and importance of family; it will also remind you of the happiness and sadness, joys and sorrows of childhood.

Source: Webtoon

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Not many people read this nor might be interested in it due to its slice of life genre, and art but trust me this is golden. When you first start this short panel webtoon you are greeted with a small simplistic child name Dai. While reading through the story you learn about his struggles, his growth, his mistakes and understand his feelings. not only that but you explore the stories about the people around such as his friends, his class mates, family members and more. While reading it i was easily able to connect and feel empathy for all the characters and i cried reading their struggles. As a kid i also lived in a "broken family" and many things happened but as a kid i was too young to understand. This comic although it is 55 chapters, its a very short and easy read. I tried reading it once back when i was younger and didnt understand the message it was trying to send so i quickly found it boring. Im so glad i gave it another go. STORY Easily a 10/10 for me. it sends deep messages and hits a soft spot for those relating this comic to their childhood. it explores not only his classmate's struggles and the difference with high class and low class but also how some children have tiger parents, abusive family members, parentless, dealing with death, dealing with poverty, not being able to connect and understand parents. Dai learns about whats right and whats wrong, his differences with his friends and tries his best to help them. It's a heart-warming but sad story so prepare some tissues. ART Clearly as you can tell the art isnt the best but it gives you a sense of story since this is coming from a child's perspective its drawn the same way you would expect a child to write down what they did in their journal. CHARACTERS Characters were an important part of developing connections and learning experiances for Dai. sometimes they didnt bring much personality to the story except "oh im the bully older brother" or " im the controlling gossip mom" but alot of these characters were easy to relate to and so i got easily emotionally attached. OVERALL amazing

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