Keyboard Crusader of the Mystical World

Ch: 104
2021 - 2055
3.726 out of 5 from 16 votes
Rank #17,013
Keyboard Crusader of the Mystical World

Zu An, a keyboard crusader in the modern world, had accidentally traveled into another world where powerful spiritual adepts existed. In this mystical world, the spiritual attainment of an adept determined the rank of the person. Therefore, most of the power and authorities were held in the hands of the temples where the most powerful group of people lived. And the emperor at the time—the Zhou Dynasty was one of the supreme and strongest spiritual adepts. Zu An became the useless husband of the princess of Lunar City—Chu Chuyan, yet he was accused of harassing his sister-in-law on the night of their wedding and was discredited ever since. However, little did he know, his marriage with Chu Chuyan was part of an evil master plan by someone in the palace. Yet, no one would ever thought that Zu An—the useless husband of the princess—would be the most crucial person that affected the development of the Zhou Dynasty.

Source: Bilibili Comics

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