Kemono wa Oku Made Nakasaretai

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
4.264 out of 5 from 72 votes
Rank #4,138
Kemono wa Oku Made Nakasaretai

Azuki is a member of a rare cat-eared species living on a southern island with his family - until he is captured, sold at an auction, and dragged to a snow-covered land thousands of miles away. He fears a future as some lewd human's sex slave, but he soon learns the servant who bought him has an even more horrific fate planned for him: He intends to murder Azuki and feed his flesh to his sick master, in the hopes that eating a rare species will cure his illness! Fortunately, gentle Kirito has no plans on eating Azuki or anyone else, but in order to help his trapped house guest escape, some "lewd" behavior might be required after all... especially when Azuki goes into heat!

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First off I have to say that because of this is a spin off series, I would advice you read the original work before this one because that one does most of the world building that you don't get too much of on here. This stories main focus is on the concept introduced in the other series of having a rare species being able to cure illness and injury, and how the uke can help the seme with this ability.  The arts type is very cute. Though I prefer the character designs of thr characters from thr other series, I did enjoy the array of clothing more here. The artist did a great job with expressing the characters backgrounds with wardrobe. Though the art was nice the story did fall flat for me. The uke and semes motives were good and their intentions for each other was clear from the beginning. But the ukes back story was dealt with better. I went on knowing little about why the seme acted the way he did until the end of the series and this explanation was only given a page or two. This doesn't seem appropriate given that this is the main reason for all of the conflicts that the two go through together as a couple. I would have found the story a lot better if this was focused on more.  Also this is a smut, so let's be honest and admit that is the reason most of us are reading this story. It was good, steamy, visually appealing. I did go through it thinking that the concept and serial relationship was similar to the original Mangas couple though (I know I shouldn't be comparing the two but I can't help it). The uke is someone yearning for the affection of the seme while the semebis reluctant to go any further than helping with his hear due to internal struggle. I think that these scenes would have cone off better if I had known early on the struggle the seme was going through with his father. That being said, the scenes were still steamy and enjoyable.  Everyone should also be cautious of the triggers in this story because there are a lot. Mine was dripping blood on someone else's open wound. Talk about unsanitary. 

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