Vol: 35; Ch: 345
2004 - 2011
4.045 out of 5 from 1,474 votes
Rank #2,811

Five hundred years ago there lived a feudal lord with a vast amount of spiritual power. To keep it from falling into the hands of demonic Ayakashi, the mage Tokimori Hazama and his two students were called to defend the land. However, they fell ill, and the feudal lord was killed and buried on the land now called Karasumori. Years later the successors of the Hazama students, Yoshimori and Tokine, have inherited the powers of the Hazama clan. They are Kekkaishi, users of the Kekkai, a secret and powerful technique that creates a strong barrier to capture and eliminate Ayakashi. Protectors of the power buried beneath Karasumori, Yoshimori and Tokine spend their days in the school built on the land, and their nights defending it from attackers who wish to use the power for their own purposes. With Karasumori's power growing more unpredictable everyday, will Yoshimori become strong enough to protect the ones he loves?

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The Sumimura and Yukimura clan have been in competition with each other for 400 years over, as they struggle to protect the sacred plot of land Karasumori. Young Sammura Yoshimpri(the legitamate succesor of his clan) has a crush on the older Tokine from the oposing clan(also a legitamate succesor). sadly she only sees him as more of a lttle bro figure from next door. Story The two main characters are kekkaishi does born with special abilites to creat kekkais to fight ayakashi attacking the sacred plot of land. Story starts out lighthearted and develops many themes, such as family, jealousy, friendship, and more as the plot thickens to more than just monster-of-the week. the last 40 chapters felt a little rushed though, as the author quicly wrapped things up. but perphaps it was inttentional because of how the plot was setup. Art I enjoyed the author's art style, and he draws senery very well.  panels are easy to read and follow.  the character designs might be bit simple but they are each unique and memorable. Characters. The one thing that kept me reading was because of the character development.  the central characters grow as they learn lessons like trusting people, relying on others, and forgivness. Yoshimori slowly goes from immature brat to a very dependable  young man. Yokine learns to rely on yoshimori more and see him as more than just a brat. Yoshimoris older brother also comes into terms with darkenss in his heart as he was not a legitamite succesor. Overall good story fun read, I breezed through it, and enjoyed my time. I'm a bit to old for shounen nowadays, so i appreciated a shounen story that could keep me interested.

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