Alt title: Hana no Keiji: Kumo no Kanata ni

Vol: 18; Ch: 167
1990 - 1993
3.618 out of 5 from 23 votes
Rank #22,432

During the closing years of the civil war period and uneasy reign of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, when men high and low scramble to follow conventional propriety so that they don't attract undue notice (or death) to themselves, there is one very bizarre individual who is known for his legendarily outlandish and wild personality, physical appearance and behavior. This series traces the dramatic adventures of Maeda Keiji from personal conflicts with his adopted Maeda family, brave combat exploits, travels to the capital, and relationships with famous existing figures such as Tokugawa Iyeyasu, Rikyuu the tea master, and Hideyoshi himself, to experiences with the foreign and Japanese Christian faithful.

Source: MU

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