Keeper of the Pearl - Custom lists

Alt title: Guseul-eul Gajida

Keeper of the Pearl
  • Akuma wa Tengoku ni Ikitakunai!
  • Ai wo Ataeru Kemono-tachi
  • Aimai na Wolf
  • Addiction
  • A Contractual Relationship

Fantasy and Supernatural BL by AnnaSartin

Bored with ordinary high school crushes and workplace drama in BL? Here's a list of titles with some supernatural spice! Stories about vampires, werewolves, demons, youkai, magic users, cat boys, and other fantastical beings...

  • Arima-san wa Omega ni Naritai
  • Ai wo Ataeru Kemono-tachi
  • Ai wo Ataeru Kemono-tachi (Light Novel)
  • Adam no Kenshin Eve no Koukotsu (Light Novel)
  • Accidental Mark (Novel)

Male Pregnancy (mpreg) by AnnaSartin

A male character is pregnant in these manga, or gets pregnant later on.

  • Altruist
  • A Foolish Alpha Asked Me To Mate With Him
  • Abarenbo Honey
  • 69 Street, Tomorrow Island
  • 2-banme no α

Omegaverse: Fully Translated by AnnaSartin

Omegaverse titles that have been fully translated in English.

  • A Foolish Alpha Asked Me To Mate With Him
  • Absolute Control
  • Abarenbo Honey
  • 99.99% Lovers
  • 2-banme no α

Omegaverse: Alpha/Omega Couples by AnnaSartin

Omegaverse stories featuring romances between alphas and omegas.

  • Bite Maker: The King's Omega
  • Beyond the Other Side of the Moon: Omegaverse
  • Antimoral Omegaverse
  • Alpha no Hanayome: Kyoumei Renjou
  • 2-banme no α

Omegaverse: Fated Pairs by AnnaSartin

In the Omegaverse, a Fated Pair is an alpha/omega couple who are destined to be together. Fated pairs develop a deep emotional and sexual connection to each other, and in many cases will sense each other immediately when they...

  • All About Lust
  • A Guy Like You
  • After I Left You
  • Addiction
  • A Contractual Relationship

BL webcomics by AnnaSartin

Boys-Love webcomics, with links to their official English, Korean, Chinese or Japanese sites. (Links may become broken over time if comics are removed from the publisher's site or if the company puts an age restriction block on...

  • .traeH
  • +C: Sword and Cornett Appendix
  • &Dropout
  • $10
  • "Touto Sugite Yomenaaaaaaai!!" 4P Short Stories

Unlicensed and Fully Translated Manga, Webtoons, or Light Novels. by YuiYui

Here you can find a list of manga, light novels, manhua and manhwa that are complete in Japan, China and Korea (all chapters/volumes are out), but they have not been licensed in the U.S. and have been fully translated. This list...