Keep Holding On

Ch: 13
3.859 out of 5 from 402 votes
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Keep Holding On

8 years of unrequited love where you have absolute control over my poor heart... Just who do you think you are?!

Source: MU

Includes 3 extra chapters.

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First off, it's shounen-ai so if you're looking for smut this isn't it.  This is a cute friends-to-lovers school days trope with a little bit of angst and fluff.  It is a bit short so I wouldn't call it a slow burn, but it has a rather nice conclusion and some cute extra chapters from a different POV.  Lee Hangyeol & Choi Suho have been friends for 13 years ever since their mothers, who were also school friends, introduced them as kids.  Most of the story is told through Lee Hangyeol's point of view since he is largely wrestling with feeling of unrequited love towards his friend Suho.  Hangyeol is the shorter of the two with black hair, a pretty face and tends to keep to himself while Suho is predictably taller, athletic and a bit more aggressive (outgoing?) in his personality.  The main plot revolves around the two MCs relationship and most of the side characters are used in a way that affirms that or causes the MCs to more seriously consider their feelings for each other (rather than having their own interesting stories/backgrounds, etc.).  Other than unknown feelings, there's maybe 3 major tensions that finally bring the two MCs together in the end.  While I would think of this more as a one-shot than a story with chapters, it's satisfying and the translations that I've read have been very well done for English readers.  The art looks a bit normal (no one is like drop dead gorgeous with crazy features or anything), but I think that adds to the appeal of everyone's cuteness/handsomeness in a realistic way too.  Overall this is a solid coming-of-age love story that's short and sweet.

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