Kedamono-tachi no Jikan: Kyouizonshou Kougun

Vol: 5+; Ch: 33+
2019 - ?
3.111 out of 5 from 125 votes
Rank #34,654
Kedamono-tachi no Jikan: Kyouizonshou Kougun

Airi Hirakawa, a model in a popular woman magazine, is suddenly hit by someone in front of her house and wakes up in a room full of garbage. Airi is confused when she is suddenly proposed by Hirokazu Imai, the man who is her kidnapper and stalker, and this is how her life of confinement begins, where suffers sexual violence and where even toilet breaks and meals are managed.

Source: MU

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jesus christ. this was a deeply unsettling read, i almost dropped it immediately after the first few pages but morbid curiosity drove me to keep reading.  Hirokazu is disgustingly accurate, showing the primitive and naive mindset of most killers, how years and years of abuse from his mother destroyed his mental state and his ability to function as a human being, turning him into a sexual deviant monster. You can only sympathise with him for so long before the gravity of his actions truly hit you again full force. He experienced all that horror and then proceeded to do just the same as his mother to dozens of innocent women as 'revenge'. Sexual slavery and torture, making them sleep in a box with nothing but a diaper. He is a horrible, horrible human being. Airi totally surprised me in this story for the whole 10 chapters i managed to read. She is what kept me reading, because i truly wished for her to succeed, to escape. She is strong in her own way, a victim of abuse herself, as she was sexually assaulted by her father as a teenager. She had just managed to escape him and was still dealing with repressed trauma when Hirokazu kidnapped her. She saw herself in Hirokazu, and genuinely wished for him to escape the past abuse of his mother, even after everything he did to her.  I felt genuine heartache reading this, because Airi is a genuinely good person. She never deserved this, and she assumed neither did anyone else. It took finding the remains of all the girls before her for her to accept the terrifying truth that Hirokazu isn't just a victim anymore. He is an abuser. A house-trained one, but still an abuser. She had given up a clear chance to run, so she could stick around for Hirokazu and help him heal. Only to find out he is so much worse than she expected. I already know, that after chapter 10, Airi will experience even worse hardship. She will be trapped, forever, by her love and empathy for Hirokazu. And I cannot bear to watch it. Do not read this unless you are ready to be sick to your stomach. I know I wasn't.

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