Kaze no Stigma: Kouen no Miko

Vol: 2; Ch: 10
2007 - 2008
3.671 out of 5 from 274 votes
Rank #20,521
Kaze no Stigma: Kouen no Miko

Years after having been exiled from the Kannagi household for being unable to utilize their fire magic, Kazuma returns to Japan, only to discover that the Kannagi family's very existence is threatened. Unknown to them, during his absence, he had become a Contractor and thus acquired a vast strength in wind magic. Not showing any remaining contempt for them, he offers to help solve the Kannagi household’s problems in return for large sums of money. Together with his younger brother Ren and the feisty heir to the Kannagi household, Ayano, he fights to protect those he cares about... for a price!

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