Kawari Nadeshiko: 3 Shimai no Himitsu

Alt title: Nadeshiko Changes

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
2016 - 2017
3.168 out of 5 from 160 votes
Rank #35,980
Kawari Nadeshiko: 3 Shimai no Himitsu

Kotaro lives together with his 3 sexy step-sisters.

Source: MU

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There are essentially two things which I look for in a smut-primary story: if the artwork is good and if the premise that leads to sexual encounters is interesting. This manga fails miserably on both counts. The artwork is unsexy and filled with inconsistencies and horrid proportions. There are tiny hands and little stub legs. The butts and breasts are comically huge. The fleshy footbalsl flop around with their wide nipples pointing in basically whatever direction. The mouths are just tacked onto the side of the jawline on the misshapen heads. The shirts are positioned strangely at times. And the angles in general suck. The premises behind the sexual encounters are simplistic and stupid, and lead to the characters being way too devoted to each other in way too short of a time period. The basic idea is that Kotaro has just started living with three new step-sisters: Rouna, Noka, and Moeka. Rouna is an athlete. Noka is sensitive to scents. And Moeka is a faux gyaru who draws doujinshi. Kotaro fucks all three of them in turn and at times in threeways. I found the way that Kotaro talks about "protecting" the girls to be really, really dumb and forced. The author did an absolutely horrible job of creating believable relational connections and motives with these characters. The only redeeming quality I can think of is that it's short (though even that could be interpreted as a negative because the shortness probably contributed to the shitty, rushed developments). It's trash, just trash.

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