Kawaii Oresama

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Sep 30, 2018


A classic tale of "I loved this guy for long time, but then a hot bad boy shows up and my love is destroyed in minutes."

There's not a natural progression of a stable romance, I'd say.

TL;DR - It's a story that has an unhealthy relationship. Is not recommended, even for users who enjoy short romance stories. However, if you don't mind tsundere's that take it to a whole new level, I'd say give it a shot.

This story, personally, is like being told my favourite food is going to be served but it's all burnt or raw but I'm too polite to say it's disgusting and I don't want to eat it so I start eating it but then I have to excuse myself to the bathroom to take the biggest dump of my life.

Seri was okay, she was a little assertive and a bland, typical shoujo protagonist. She was close, though, and letting Shin do whatever he wanted to her was a bit infuriating because if she had gotten a backbone and stood up for herself, then this story would have been over in seconds. She said she liked cute boys, which was the main reason I read it, but it was closer to clickbait than an actual fufillment of my niche and what it claimed to be

Shin was a terrible, terrible person. He was misogynistic, he was rude, he was insulting, he kissed without consent, stole her picture and replaced it, told her that she was "his" and not to utter an others name, saying he'd tame her. Overall, he's the side character in anime that harrases the main girl till she fights them off or someone comes to rescue her, but was just made the protagonist and somehow that's an excuse for the readers to like him and Seri, who seems like the type of person not to take garbage, not to take his garbage. 

Did you know public indecency is a crime? Having sex in the library in a school and not even locking or blocking the door? Oh yeah, that's totally fine. Completely acceptable.

So what if he's hot and secretly a tsundere? Went a bit far verbal harassment to be a tsundere. He's more like a F-boy who got away with everything. He did get better, when he said he'd be hers and that was a good role reversal technique, which saved this series, along with Seri not just going "oh i guess i like strong men now uwu i'm boring!11!"

He's not a hateable guy since he was slightly redeemed near the end, so I can't bring myself to hate him.

Misaki was the MVP of the series. Kind, considerate, perfect in everyway, never harassed anyone, never rude, never did anything without consent, never took and messed with anything that wasn't his. Why did she go for him? Because Shin was "cute" in a very extra tsundere, and pretty gross, way. Seri hersefl stated that he was the cutest man in the world, and he is. The writer did him dirty and he deserved better. Give him a spin off where he get's a buff girlfriend please.

In any realistic circumstance, Seri would have gotten with Misaki. She loved him for a good while but her love must have been as strong as a sickly malnutritioned nun living in my ventalation because it died in seconds. And Shin would have been arrested for public indecency and harassement.  I like him though, not gonna lie, haha. But if he hadn't thrown a little tantrum, she would have gotten with Misaki, who is best character.

2/10 story
5/10 art
4/10 characters
3/10 overall
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