Kawaii Oresama

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Kawaii Oresama

Seri Satou is a sixteen-year-old girl who absolutely loves cute boys - especially the super attractive Misaki-kun. However, upon a chance encounter with a well-known egotistical player, Seri finds herself in his sights. He will ‘tame' Seri and make her subservient to him, much to her dismay; but two can play at this game!

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deadwoodday Sep 30, 2018
Score 3/10


A classic tale of "I loved this guy for long time, but then a hot bad boy shows up and my love is destroyed in minutes."

There's not a natural progression of a stable romance, I'd say. TL;DR - It's a story that has an unhealthy relationship. Is not recommended, even for users who enjoy short romance stories. However, if you don't mind tsundere's that take it to... read more



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