Vol: 16; Ch: 157
2001 - 2005
4.011 out of 5 from 335 votes
Rank #3,596

Satoyama and his best friend Kawakami both like the same girl - Mizutani, a tomboy whose father owns a boxing gym. They both join the gym to get closer to her, but unfortunately she has a bad relationship with her father and for some reason won't talk about boxing. When she sees Satoyama's punch, however, her heart begins to change; she had given up on boxing, even though she was a boxing prodigy, because a woman could never compete with a fully-grown man. But perhaps she could train Satoyama to take on the world in her place! Satoyama doesn't really care about the championship, but if it means Mizutani will spend more time with him he'll do anything!

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