Vol: 14; Ch: 126
2013 - 2018
3.89 out of 5 from 340 votes
Rank #7,847

Kasane is ugly, but her mother has left her a tube of lipstick with the power to steal faces, and so Kasane makes the decision to use this power to rob the beautiful of everything they have. When Kasane encounters the gorgeous Neena Tanzawa, she steals Neena's face and uses her good looks to become a success in the world of theater. But when Kasane's half-sister Nogiku shows up, everything changes. Kasane, Neena, Nogiku: beauty has made sport of each of their fates, leading them to one tragic conclusion …

Source: Kodansha

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First of all I really like this manga as it does depict some rather gore or dark themes, not holding back or sugarcoating them. It's the type of manga where you wished that there was a good solution to everything to solve all the characters' trauma when its practically impossible. The twists and turns of this manga is surprising and doesn't make the story predictable or general, but rather unique. I have underlined all the tldr's if you don't want to see the elaboration. Kasane really sets out the motives and beliefs that people may have based on their own experience, two innocent people clashing against eachother because they both have desires that goes against each of their opposing morals. There is no villain with pure dark intentions other than the abusers in the characters' past, which is what makes Kasane realistic. As much as you want rip your scalp and put all the blame on a specific character, you can't. The individual character designs are quite flawed except for the main character (Kasane) and that old guy idk his name.. The artstyle makes it quite hard to extinguish who is who if the hair colours of characters are similar due to the lack of varying facial features and there are times where its hard to tell the personality of some characters when they're pretty generic. Kasane has the most distinguishing characteristics in the manga and I do love the artstyle though, its appealing and has an alluring energy to it.  What sets this manga from the other ones I've read is the realistic and painful depiction of beauty, how to present yourself and what is expected from you when you're visually attractive or unattractive. Kasane is great at acting but is hideous, Nina's physically attractive and gorgeous but has terrible acting skills. Kasane can't make it to theatre with her face and Nina can't either because of her skills, yet Nina's still expected to act and Kasane's unable to ever fulfill her dream. Both of them have their problems being pretty or not because of the expectation of beauty. A lot of mangas I've read never went in this topic, it's always all the characters being attractive or mediocre and that's it.  Another unique factor of this manga is it's plot twists which I meantioned prior, the twists and turns of this manga can be dramatic but still make sense. In a part of the manga, the characters exprience the rethought of their memories and realising that their past wasn't how they remembered it to be. The plot twist of the moment that the main character realises her memories where partially fake was incredible. The self gaslighting and fake memories built up in the characters' heads make it even more realistic especially when the characters express that they don't want to believe that their memory was lying to them. I really love this manga, the character thought process and interactions are really interesting to witness and spectate. This isn't an average manga with unrealistic trauma that doesn't correlate to the character in the present with a generic personality but a manga filled with experiencing what the characters feel after going through trauma and more trauma. Really underrated.

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