Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances

Alt title: Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou

Vol: 21; Ch: 102
1995 - 2005
4.355 out of 5 from 1,441 votes
Rank #2,625
Kare Kano: His and Her Circumstances

Yukino Miyazawa appears to be the perfect high school student. She is at the top of her class and the envy of all her classmates, but no one knows that things are not what they seem. When at home, Yukino is spoiled, slovenly, stubborn, and spends every spare minute studying to keep her place at the top; so when she's knocked from the top by Soichiro Arima, she vows to destroy him. One day Soichiro tells Yukino he likes her, but she quickly turns him down since him falling for her means she's ‘won.' Soon after, Soichiro discovers that Yukino's prim and proper attitude is a facade and blackmails her into doing some of his school work. Yukino gets fed up with the situation and stands up to Soichiro, causing him to apologize and re-declare his true love for her after learning what Yukino is really like. Yukino has also fallen for the real Soichiro after his confession of also having to play the role of the perfect student. Together they decide to stop pretending and learn how to be themselves.

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Secret Santa Review 2015 Story:  Yukino Miyaza is a girl who is good at everything. She looks like a perfect girl you have seen. Like she is always have a perfect in exams, Good in sports, cooking,music and more. But the only thing she only want is to be praised by others. But there's only one thing you dont know about her. She has this double appearance that everyone doesnt know and shoudnt be known or else her popularity will go down. If ever she will be at the house of hers, her appearance will turn out not as what u expected to be. But there's only one person who have seen this another appearance of hers and its Soichiro Arima her rival in studies and Yukino wants to beat him someday. Yukino didnt expect to let Arima see what her wearing now but when Yukino though she will be blackmailed by him but nope Arima confess she likes Yukino and whats to get closer with her. Thats also a shock to Yukino since a rival of her that always want to beat him confess that she likes her and its Arima that is so popular to girls, having the highest rank in kendo, and always got in the first place. That is also once in a lifetime to everyone. And thats how Yukino's life began to change. But then! Arima has a double him or a hidden self that his dark past tries to come back and ruined his happy life. A past that he wants to forget those pain that he have been through those abuse, and hurt that let him suffer. Will Yukino know why Arima is been acting like this.. When she thought they are close to each other already but it feels like she is far away from him.. from away from the darkness.. While she is in light.. Will they handle what awaits from them? Art: Well for the art,. I really like the art tho. I like how they add chibi parts or comedies that didnt failed me to laugh. And the mood is going on. But theres a part that I hate a bit how they exaggerate too much theyre shoulder and body sometimes. But it was still okay actually I really wasnt looking if this manga have a good art or not but I only want to see how this story is heading. Characters: I already like all the characters as well as the side characters since each of the characters always have a view whats theyre past and each of theyre friends cherish each other. It looks like ive got to know the characters more aside from the main characters. They also have each side stories how they find romance. and my fav character is Shibahime I like how she is tiny and doll-like. Well theyre first meeting wasnt that good. But Yukino didnt expect that she could have better friend she ever imagined to be. Overall At first, I really did thought this story is all about cheery and happyand stuff too joyful when I start reading some few chapters and there's a part didnt failed me to laugh. Actually I was wrong when im in the middle part im shocked on how things are going on. Like this manga giving me sort of mood swings. Well I really didnt expect there's like that coming actually i thought like theyre will be a girl try to ruined theyre relationship (theres some in a few chaps.) .. and those predictable scenarios but nope.   All in all I love this manga! It was a long ride but it was worth reading so many lesson I have learned But except for some stuff. Even do its a 102 chaps Its really worth reading seriously! so if ever ur bored read this manga now!

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